PH Blog Tour: The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon

Yoon_9780553496680_jkt_all_r1.inddPages: 344

Goodreads Rating: 4.43 / 5 stars

My Rating: 5 / 5 stars

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary Romance, Realistic

Publication Date: November 1st, 2016

Publisher: Delacorte Press

Summary (Goodreads):

Natasha: I’m a girl who believes in science and facts. Not fate. Not destiny. Or dreams that will never come true. I’m definitely not the kind of girl who meets a cute boy on a crowded New York City street and falls in love with him. Not when my family is twelve hours away from being deported to Jamaica. Falling in love with him won’t be my story.

Daniel: I’ve always been the good son, the good student, living up to my parents’ high expectations. Never the poet. Or the dreamer. But when I see her, I forget about all that. Something about Natasha makes me think that fate has something much more extraordinary in store—for both of us.

The Universe: Every moment in our lives has brought us to this single moment. A million futures lie before us. Which one will come true?

My Review:

Review also posted on Goodreads

Thank you Penguin Random House and JM of Book Freak Revelations (Blog Tour Host) for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

On a normal day at New York City,  a Jamaican girl and a Korean boy meet by fate in some circumstances. Uncannily, they are opposites on most things and only have 12 hours to spend time with each other but it seems destiny changed their lives…

When Natasha Kingsley learned that she and her family are going to be deported back to Jamaica, she feels sad and anxious. The fact that it was her homeland, it never was her home because she grew up in America and adapted its culture, environment and language.  Being a science geek, she is a girl who doesn’t believe in destiny  or fate and rather believes on facts and scientific explanations.  She decided to seek help on USCIS to stop it and along the way, she meets Daniel Bae, a Korean guy whom she didn’t expect to fall for..

Daniel Bae is a charming guy and an obedient second son in a Korean family. He’s truly a great guy who aspires to be a poet but his family wants him to become a doctor, so he’ll have a bright career and earn great amounts of cash. The thing is, it’s not his passion and is left with no choice.  As soon as he sees Natasha,  he’s drawn to her and he cannot explain it. He truly believes that fate brought them together and they’re destined for each other.

The Sun Is Also A Star is a beautifully written and heartwarming story about destiny, fate and hope. Nicola Yoon’s writing style is indeed compelling and impactful.  I love Natasha and Daniel so much!  They are witty, adorable, genuine characters and shared a great chemistry. Their character developments are fantastic and they individually stood out. Even if  they just met, there’s an evident connection to them. Their relationship blossomed so good, it’s not abrupt and they really get to know each other.

This book is diverse and it tackles topics such as racism, adapting cultures aside from your own, and immigration [We get to see the struggles of immigrants, their reasons why they left their country and the process of citizenship]. Aside from the main characters’ perspective, it includes  history, science and the perspectives of people whom Natasha and Daniel encountered along.  All of them are so fun to read and some of them are heart wrenching.

You don’t know how happy I am when I get to the epilogue. I have so much feels  and I shed some tears on the ending. It’s an absolute perfection and I can’t stop gushing about it. You see, love knows no bounds. You are free to love someone with a different race or where they came from. We are all destined for someone or on certain things. It comes unexpectedly and there so many possibilities can happen depending on our choices we  make or which path  we take. It can be good or bad and it’s up to us how we’re going to handle it. We hope that everything’s going to be fine and we hold on to it until the end. It’s all about the perfect timing. If you’re really destined for someone, there’s a will and way for you to be together. Once you have that moment, grab it before it’s too late or you’ll live with regrets (don’t wait for that).

This is  one of the best YA Contemporary novels ever written and it’s definitely included on my all time favorite books list. I highly recommend this book to everyone.

Here are some teasers from The Sun Is Also A Star:

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I hope you guys will enjoy The Sun Is Also A Star as much as I did. I am looking forward on all your thoughts. Have a lovely day everyone!


6 thoughts on “PH Blog Tour: The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon

  1. Ahhh I don’t know why I wasn’t that interested before in this book but now that I’ve seen tons of great reviews, I must read it! The themes that it tackles sound awesome and relatable, and I’m keen to see how those 12 hours unfold and if there was any moment that felt boring. Great review, Bea! 💕

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