Top 5 Wednesday

This weekly meme is created by Lainey of Ginger Reads Lainey and with its new host, Sam of Thoughts on Tomes . You can check out the weekly topics on the Top 5 Wednesday – Goodreads Page.

  1. Biggest Badasses
  2. Books for your favorite Hogwarts House (Hufflepuff)
  3. Book Theme Songs
  4. Books I DNF
  5. Books I Want as TV Shows
  6. Books I Want to Read Before the Year Ends [2016]
  7. Books I Was Spoiled For
  8. Books I Will Never Read
  9. Books I Wish Had Sequels
  10. Books that would make good video games
  11. Books to Get You Out of Your Reading Slump
  12. Books You Felt Betrayed By
  13. Characters I Want As A Family
  14. Disappointing Eye Candy Books
  15. Inaccurate Covers
  16. Favorite Angsty Romances
  17. Favorite Audio Books
  18. Favorite Books Outside My Comfort Zone
  19. Favorite Bromances
  20. Favorite Character Names
  21. Favorite Hunger Games Trilogy Moments
  22. Future Classics
  23. Gateway to New Adult Books
  24. Halloween Recommendations (2015)
  25. Hate to Love Ships
  26. Nostalgic Book Boyfriends
  27. Series I Want to Read on 2016
  28. Title Fonts on Covers
  29. Top Authors You Discovered This Year
  30. Worst Love Interest