End of the Year TBR

We’re down on the last two months of 2021 and I want to share with you the books I plan to read this November and December. It’s an ambitious TBR and it’s time to catch up on some of the e-ARCs I received from publishers. Hopefully I will be able to read these books in time for the Goodreads Choice Awards. We’ll see if they deserve to be on the list.

Here are the novels I plan on finishing before the year ends. I am crossing my fingers they are amazing or will blow my mind.

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My All Time Favorite Romance Novels | Part Two

And we’re back to complete the list of my all time favorite romance novels. If you haven’t read the first part, feel free to check my list here (click the link). I’m so happy on my last 30 books (like I mentioned, they aren’t rank in order because I hate doing that) and majority are part of a series. Imagine the torture I’ve been through selecting the books individually.

Anyways, here are the final 30 books that made into my list:

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The Undas Book Tag

In celebration of the Halloween Season in Filipino tradition, I will be doing The Undas Book Tag. Believe it or not, it’s my favorite season because nothing beats telling spooky stories in the dark and also honoring our dearly departed love ones. Sadly, my family won’t be able to go to Quezon Province to visit my maternal grandparents & uncle’s graves due to pandemic.¬† I would like to thank Kate of Your Tita Kate for creating this tag and also for tagging me! I am also accepting her bonus challenge to answer each questions only using the books I’ve read in 2021. ūüôā

Without further ado, let’s begin:

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Tier Ranking: Cora Reilly’s Mafia Romances

Mafia romance will always be the trope I love and I am searching for good ones¬† to recommend it to you guys.¬† In today’s post, I will be tier ranking all of Cora Reilly’s mafia books. She has other books that I haven’t read yet and I won’t be including her new series — Sins of the Fathers — which is the spin-off series to Born in Blood Mafia and Camorra Chronicles. This post is inspired from Lacey @ Lacey Book Lovers wherein she rank Penelope Douglas’ books (which I will do very soon once I kept up with her releases) .¬† I will be ranking Cora Reilly’s book from my LEAST to MOST favorite.

Let’s begin the TIER RANKING!

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Top Ten Tuesday | Books I Wish I Could Read Again for the First Time

Hello everyone! I finally joined the Top Ten Tuesday bandwagon which is hosted by¬†The Artsy Reader Girl¬†and originally created by¬†The Broke and the Bookish. Every week there‚Äôll be topics discussed and list all our favorites. For today’s list, I want to share with you the books / series I wish I could read again for the first time. These books have a special place in my heart because of its story and characters.

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ARC August TBR (2021)

It’s that time of the month where I should knocking down my ARC (Advance Reader’s Copy) and my NetGalley feedback ratio is below 50%. I used to have 80% but life and work got in the way and I wasn’t able to read them. It also didn’t help I am a moody reader so I promised (which I kept breaking in the past years) where I will read at least 5 books before I request one.¬†

Hopefully I’ll stick to my TBR. Some of these ARCs that I have are already published but I want/need to read them. Here are the ARCs I’m reading for August:

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Exploring Tropes: Second Chance Romance

I’m gonna recommend more mafia romance Let’s take a break from mafia romance and explore my another favorite trope which is second chance romance. Don’t you just love former lovers getting back together? This kind of romance had its flaws due to unresolved problems, falling in love at the wrong time etc. Mostly the books that I’ve read with this trope have great character developments and became more mature. As for the romance aspect, it’s more romantic and I truly swooned!

I recalled some of my favorite second chance romances and I want to share them with you: 

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10 Year Challenge Book Tag

Circa 2011. I was on my Freshmen Year as a Nursing Student and I make sure that I balance my time studying and reading leisurely (sometimes you need to take a break on reading textbooks). I didn’t realize I’ve been a reader for a decade. I read occasionally when I was young¬†but it wasn’t until 2011 where I get to read full length novels.

It’s quite a journey and I remember being engrossed to Harry Potter series, Twilight Saga, House of Night series etc. I still have those books on my shelf and with this tag created by¬†Rincey Reads and I found this tag thru Zezee with Books, let’s take a look back on my reading tastes back on 2011 and compare it to this year — 2021.¬†

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Authors Whose Books I Want to Give a Chance

There books from authors that I have read but it’s either average or I dislike them. Sometimes they tend to be a hit or miss and I decided to select a different¬† author. Due to many recommendations, I want to give their books a chance and crossing my fingers I will love them for the second time. Maybe, there’ll be a chance I will love them.

Here are the authors on my list whose books I might (?) give a second chance:

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What I’ve Been Reading During My Hiatus and Reading Plans for June

Hey guys! I missed you all. May has been a chaotic month and I stepped back from everything. I spend the whole month of self-care and unwinding. I’m back on my reading groove and I’d like to share with you my May wrap-up, reading plans for June, readathons I’ve participated and upcoming ones I want to participate etc.

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