Not-So Favorite Books of 2021

I always love sharing my unpopular opinion on the books I read and sometimes I feel like I’m petty ranting them. No offense to anyone if your favorite is included here. They just flopped to me okay? It’ll be my final post this year and I’m revealing you my not-so favorite books. 

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Favorite Novels of 2021

We’re days away before this year ends! 2021 is a roller coaster ride for me and I’m thankful for all the blessings I received this year. I had my ups and downs but here I am still surviving. To wrap up this year, I am sharing you all my favorite books I’ve read this year and happy to say I met my reading goals of 100 books. I even exceeded it and I discovered many romance books and I bet you’ve read some of these books.

Let’s begin shall we:

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