Most Anticipated Romance Books of 2022

We’re less than a month away before 2021 ends. It’s a year of rollercoaster of events and I am excited for the upcoming year filled with romance books I much look forward to. For this list, it’ll cover up the books announced and I am sure there’ll be more once authors reveal their books later on.

If you have any 2022 Romance books please add it on this list on Goodreads.

Books with no covers yet:

  • The Hustler Next Door by K.A. Tucker
  • A Very Merry Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams
  • Not Ready to Make Nice by Rosie Danan
  • Souls of Sand and Smoke by Pepper Winters

These are all my most anticipated romance books so far in 2022. What are your most anticipated books of 2022?


14 thoughts on “Most Anticipated Romance Books of 2022

  1. So many books that I’m also waiting for! Colleen Hoover’s, Ali Hazelwood’s and Running Wild are high up on my list. But for some reason, the one I seem to be eagerly awaiting on this list is Hunting Adeline. Ari got me reading that first book and now I need to know what happens next.
    I’ve already read and enjoyed Good Girl Complex, The Reunion, and Beauty and the Baller. Hook, Line, and Sinker was good until the epilogue where it made me mad with the geographical inaccuracies of my state and the area I live.

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