Favorite Authors I Discovered in 2021

Every year, we are in search for books that will satisfy our cravings. Some of these books are recommended to me by peers and I grateful I discovered these authors this year. Surely I will be stalking their upcoming books or even read their earlier works. 

I have several authors here that might be on your radar and let me tell you why I love them:

Bella Di Corte

Bella Di Corte is an author whose mafia romances suits my taste. I had a lot of fun binge reading her Gangsters in New York trilogy. It was slowburn, action packed and I love how these books are interconnected with each other. The Fausti Family series is my agenda for next year which sets in the same world and the precedent series to this trilogy. She also has an upcoming work, Skin Deep. It’s Harrison and Gigi’s book. These characters appeared in the Gangsters in New York trilogy.

S.T. Abby

Technically I discovered Kristy Cunning last year but I didn’t know she writes under the pen name S.T. Abby for dark romances. I have to highlight Mindf*ck series for being one of the most CONSISTENT dark romance series I have ever read. Trigger warning: gore, violence, rape, murder, torture etc. The heroine is the serial killer and the hero is a FBI Agent assigned to her case. It’s exhilarating, plot driven, character driven and have a lot of plot twists. It’s mind blowing and you’ll meet one of the most badass femme fatale ever. I’m still sad the author passed away this year because she has a lot to offer creatively. 


Ali Hazelwood

Give her the crown for the best romance and best debut novel this year. The Love Hypothesis is such a delightful romance with STEM characters. It’s a swoon-worthy fake dating romance and it made me smile throughout the book. I have zero complains. I will lather Dr. Adam Carlsen with a sunscreen. 


Axie Oh

Axie Oh has been on my radar last year and OMG! As someone who hasn’t been into YA books, XOXO is a must read for contemporary romance lovers. It gives off the perfect K-Drama vibes specifically Heartstrings. I love the dynamic of combining traditional or classic music to modern pop. Picturing it out is just beautiful. 


Emily Mcintire

Peter Pan retelling anyone? But it’s Wendy Darling and Captain Hook pairing. Forgive me for loving their toxic relationship. I love a good story with an anti-hero in it. I am surely reading Emily Mcintire’s works because she has a great writing style.


Dana Isaly

WE LOVE SOME GAMING ROMANCE. Also kinks. For a novella, this is SO STEAMY and HOT and OOOH LALA! Very spicy. 

56574777._SY475_Kathryn Moon

Want a spicy reverse harem and monsters? A Lady of Rooksgrave Manor is a great choice. We have a human heroine and she’s a nymphomaniac who becomes an escort to some monster creatures. We have a vampire, sphinx, invisible man, golem etc. You are probably questioning my morals but let me assure you they’re intact. LMAO.

Lyssa Kay Adams

I am forever thankful discovering The Bromance Book Club series. This is my OBSESSION and I love how this series are breaking stereotypes as the heroes read romance novels to woo their women and learning from it! My personal favorite is Isn’t It Bromantic? because I love Vlad / The Russian. He’s an absolute teddy bear. 

Emily Henry

I binge read Emily Henry’s adult contemporary fiction this year and I ended up loving them. For Beach Read, it’s more women’s fiction than romance and People We Meet on Vacation leans more on romance, it won as the best romance of 2021 on Goodreads Choice Awards. It was a close call win!


Layne Fargo

 A promising sapphic thriller about an English Professor who hunts the worst men in Gorman University. It’s mainly a story of how to get away with murder and it was brilliant. Great plot twist. 


Alex Michaelides

Well, this came out as a surprise and soothe my mystery thriller mood. I’ve read The Maidens first which is a dark academia mystery book but I love The Silent Patient more. The events are already a giveaway on the synopsis. What fascinates me are the characters. They’re cunning and intelligent. 


Josie Silver

If you want to read this for holidays, please bear in mind this is an emotional women’s fiction. We follow two people who are always at the wrong place and at the wrong time. Imagine tuning into their story for almost a decade. Talk about the longing, frustration and when you get to the end you just want to scream and cry.  One Day in December is so good! 

These are the authors I discover in 2021. Who are your favorite authors discovered this year? What book have you read from them?


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