Tier Ranking: Cora Reilly’s Mafia Romances

Mafia romance will always be the trope I love and I am searching for good ones  to recommend it to you guys.  In today’s post, I will be tier ranking all of Cora Reilly’s mafia books. She has other books that I haven’t read yet and I won’t be including her new series — Sins of the Fathers — which is the spin-off series to Born in Blood Mafia and Camorra Chronicles. This post is inspired from Lacey @ Lacey Book Lovers wherein she rank Penelope Douglas’ books (which I will do very soon once I kept up with her releases) .  I will be ranking Cora Reilly’s book from my LEAST to MOST favorite.

Let’s begin the TIER RANKING!

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Bound by Vengeance – This is my least favorite book in the Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles and the story features Growl and Cara. I am interested in both protagonists and they tested my patience. I barely remember what happened in this book. I never cared. 

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Twisted Cravings – Camorra Chronicles have a better story than Born in Blood in Mafia Chronicles except this one. For me, Adamo is the weakest hero among his brothers and never wanted to be involved in mafia. His story revolves in illegal racing where he meets his love interest who’s a daughter of a Bratva leader. They have ZERO chemistry in my honest opinion and the plot is a mess. 

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Bound by Blood – I am excited with this anthology as it features all the Born Blood Mafia couples except Dante and Valentina. I have hopes Gianna and Matteo will have a character development but nah. They’re still the annoying duo.

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Bound by Temptation – This is a bodyguard / forbidden romance. I like Lily and Romero’s story but they’re not my favorite. Lily is promised to someone else and she has fondness on Romero. Plot wise, this is weak in comparison to Aria and Luca’s and Valentina and Dante’s story. 

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Fragile Longing – this one is considered a standalone but it’s related to the mafia. It’s about Serafina’s sister and her former fiance.  Sofia Mione had always liked Danilo Mancini but he’s still not over Serafina marrying Remo instead of him. Sofia felt insecurity of being a second choice and I am annoyed at Danilo treated her like a child.  


Bound by Hatred – I’ve always been an enemies to lovers fan and I was expecting Matteo and Gianna to have a top tier romance but instead, my patience has been tested. Mostly I’m annoyed with Gianna fighting her attraction on Matteo and gosh, she’s stubborn as HECK. 


Twisted Loyalties – When Fabiano Scuderi left the Chicago Outfit, he sworn loyalties to the Las Vegas Camorra as an enforcer. He has a decent romance with Leona. Quite whirlwind since Fabiano’s loyalty is tested. 

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Twisted Hearts – Brother’s best friend screams in this book. Gemma had a crush on Savio for such a long time and she was betrothed to him on her sweet sixteenth. However, Savio never sees her beauty and his self-confidence and arrogance is infuriating. The saving point of this book is Gemma. 

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Twisted Bonds – It’s a follow up story for Nino and Kiara (these two are one of my top favorite couples in the series) wherein the Falcone brothers faced their common enemy — their unhinged mother. Nino and Kiara explored their relationship and building a family. 

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Bound by Love – Aria and Luca explored their marriage and conflicts in this book. Their relationship has been tested due to betrayals and miscommunication. It was a good dramatic story. I wish they’ll sit down and talk. I still enjoy it because you can see Luca’s loving side in spite of his dark reputation. 

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Sweet Temptation – Ok, I forgot how is this related. All I remember is Cassio is an underboss (help me recall which mafia group he belongs.. I think it was Luca’s) then he marries again to Giulia. There’s an age gap between them and both struggled in communication. I really enjoyed this one because the heroine calls out his bullshit. 

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Luca Vitiello – this is the prequel supposedly in the Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles but this one is Bound by Honor in Luca’s point of view. You can either start with this or Bound by Honor. 


Bound by Honor – Once you started a mafia series and like it, you will never stop. That’s why I enjoy Bound by Honor. It wasn’t the perfect mafia book but it’s binge worthy. I enjoy Aria Scuderi’s point of view than Luca’s. Here, Aria is promised to Luca for stronger ties. She’s terrified because of his personality and reputation. Her attraction began after getting to know his good side. There’s one part I dislike about Luca and you know what it is. He somewhat redeemed himself. 😉


Bound by Duty – In my opinion, Dante and Valentina are the superior couple in Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles. There’s maturity between them and act like regal. I have a huge crush on Dante and even in his stoic, mysterious personality, you can see his concern with Valentina. 

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Twisted Emotions – Okay hear me out. Camorra Chronicles has a better plot than Born in Blood Mafia chronicles. For me, the Falcones are stronger than Scuderi and Cavallaro family combined. In this book, we have Kiara Vitiello, Luca’s cousin and Nino Falcone. Kiara is a rape victim and for stronger ties / truce between the two mafia syndicates, she’s promised to Nino who’s the underboss of the Camorra. OMG. Nino Falcone is also a tattoo artist and just like Remo, he’s can be scary. Let me tell you, Nino is such a patient, romantic guy. He knows Kiara’s boundaries and helped her slowly overcoming her fears. Those two have an amazing chemistry. 


Twisted Pride – I knew from the beginning Remo’s book will be the strongest and Cora Reilly proved it. For me this is the best in the Camorra Chronicles. The unhinge Camorra boss, Remo Falcone. Wow. This man is an enigma and I am glad he met his match, Serafina Mione. He kidnapped her when she’s about to get marry to Danilo Mancini. YEP. Serafina is never a weakling. She fought and pushed Remo all the time and voila! Remo fell for her courage and accept his darkness. I can reread their story any time I want. 

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Bound by the Past – You are probably screaming at me why Remo’s book isn’t my top favorite. Hence, the sequel to Dante and Valentina’s is my top mafia romance from Cora Reilly. I fell in love with this couple all over again. Some of you perceive Dante as the weakest mafia boss. For me, he’s the wisest and most calculating. He bends the rules for the greater good. With this alone, Chicago Outfit makes the strongest mafia group of the three. He can mask his emotions and keeps his morality in check. That’s how I love him. His priority is his family’s safety and well-being. In this book, he says the “L” word. 😉 I gave this 5 stars by the way. 

There you have it. I will be updating my list once I’ve read the books featuring the second generation characters. For those of you who have read Cora Reilly’s mafia romances, what are your top 3 books and why? Who are your favorite characters in the series?




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