What’s on my Scribd? (3)

I’m on a roll listening to audiobooks and prior August, I saved a lot to keep me company and I expand my horizons on mystery/thrillers. I have 12 audiobooks on my list and hopefully I’ll finish them before my subscription ends. Currently I am listening to The Wife Upstairs by Rachel Hawkins which is a book club pick of It Thrill-y Hurts hosted by Gerald @ Gerald the Bookworm. You can join the Facebook group for discussions.

I am binge reading Tessa Bailey’s Hot & Hammered trilogy. The first book is decent and cliche and the hero is a jackass and while the sex scenes are steamy, that fire dims whenever the hero says “baby girl”. I am nervous to read My Dark Vanessa and My Favorite Half-Night Stand. My Dark Vanessa sounds controversial and I need to brace myself because it gives me Lolita vibes. As for Half Night Stand, it’s been years since I’ve read a C-Lo book and I heard they are leaning towards contemporary fiction meaning LESS SMUT. Christina Lauren’s forte is HOT SMUT. My other mystery thriller reads I look forward to are Monday’s Night Coming, which is a buddy read for my team on Enneagramathon, My Perfect Marriange and When No One is Coming. My contemporary romances on my list are Don’t You Forget About Me, The Hardest Fall (I have a feeling this is emotional. I like Ella Maise’s To Love Jason Thorn) and My Bookworm Crush.

Do you have alternative apps for audiobooks? What are your favorites?


8 thoughts on “What’s on my Scribd? (3)

  1. I’m so meh about the new CLo books. THey just aren’t as fun anymore. I’m also ehh about that Tessa Bailey series. It’s not my favorite from her. I’m excited to see what you think about The Wife Upstairs!

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