Dark Romances That F*cked Up My Soul

Before I jumped into my post, I want to shoutout my good buddy Ari for pitching this idea (I swear she has more creative mojo than I do. I’m a lazy ass) and we both have similar taste in dark romance novels. Just a reminder to everyone who’s reading this post, all of these books are DARK ROMANCES/ ROMANCE THRILLERS. There are a lot of trigger warnings here such as abuse, kidnapping, sexual harassment/assault, drugs, violence, gore etc. (and other shits I don’t even want to mention). I just want to put it here because I don’t have any intention to hurt anyone or make you uncomfortable.

Self-awareness is a MUST prior reading these kinds of books. Enter at your own risk and all of these are fiction novels. I do not condone any of the things happened here and my morals are completely intact. Without further ado, here are the books / series that screwed my soul. Lmao.

Black Lotus trilogy by E.K. Blair

I will never forget how this book got me screaming because of its plot twist / cliffhangers and it was my book gf, Rhyzza, introduced me to this series. The whirlwind events kept me on the edge of my seat but admittedly its finale is not the one I expected. Tension wise, it’s A+. 


Debt by Nina G. Jones

Here’s another Rhyzza’s recommendation to me and I consider this as one of the most underrated dark romance books. Truthfully, this needs a sequel because it was too good and quite emotional (unusual thing I feel towards a dark romance). 

Siren by Jaimie Roberts

It was Jaimie Robert’s books primarily sparked this idea for Ari and encourage me to share the dark romances that screwed me up. We both read her books and in Siren, I met one of the baddest women in books. The story is good but holy hell it was disturbing. Absolutely fucked up. It was as fucked up as Black Lotus series. 

Mindf*ck series by S.T. Abby

Here is a recent favorite dark romance series I’ve read because it was recommended to Ari. I didn’t read the synopsis and jumped into this blindly. I’m also clueless it was the same author who wrote The Dark side series (a fantasy reverse harem series written under the name of Kristy Cunning, originally the late C.M. Owens). In this series, we have a serial killer heroine and her love interest is a FBI Agent whose assigned to her case. Dark romance series can be overwhelming and as the series goes on, it becomes inconsistent. However, that’s not the case for this series. It was VERY CONSISTENT AND THE CHARACTERS ARE BADASS. The plot twist is beyond what I have expected and this is one has the most violent and goriest scenes I have EVER read. I literally paused and internally screamed. The author just went all in. C.M. Owens is one of the most complex and talented authors ever. 

RAW Family trilogy by Belle Aurora

Imagine the torture I endured in this series? It took two years for me to wait for the sequel and luckily you’re not gonna wait longer because they’re completed. The story is plot driven and the first book and the cliffhanger on the first book omfg. I dropped my kindle. If you loved Debt by Nina G. Jones, you’ll mostly like this book / series vice versa. It’s a stalker / revenge romance but I’m not gonna spoil you further. 


Marrow by Tarryn Fisher

If there’s another author who can throw a jaw dropping plot twist? It’s Tarryn Fisher. For some reason, her traditionally published books gathered polarizing reviews. I’ve only read her indie published books so I can’t say anything to that and so far they’re good. So far, Marrow has a twisted plot and there was a part here that made me question everything. Which one is real? Is it a hallucination? or am I a fool? I even asked Ms. Fisher personally when she went here in the Philippines. She didn’t gave me an answer and told me it depends how I want it to end. I’m deceased.

20640318._SY475_The Girl in 6E by A.R. Torre

Please remind me to continue this series, the heroine is creepy as fuck. Deanna Madden isolates herself in her apartment to control her urge to kill. To sustain herself, she works as a cam girl. The plot twist here had me cursed like a sailor. If Scarlett (Siren) and Lana (Mindf*ck series)  meet Deanna and they have a war against abusive men, it’s fucking game over. 

War & Peace series by K. Webster

Where are my morals? OUT. OF. THE. WINDOW. HAHAHAHA I discovered the series when I got an ARC without reading the synopsis and BOY I AM TRAUMATIZED. HAHAHAHA! I will NEVER look at cucumbers ever the same. The most fucked up book in the series are books two and seven. 

Pretty Little Dolls series by K. Webster and Ker Dukey

I am even more traumatized. By this time, my soul needs to scrub with holy water. There are parts in this series I can’t even stomach. Forgive me, Lord for reading these books. 

In the Company of Killers series by J.A. Redmerski

Please don’t ever get tired of me recommending this series. It really fucked my soul in the good way and lives rent free in my mind, heart and soul. The best underrated mafia series ever existed and The Swan and The Jackal owned me. I love this group of assassins. My babies Viktor Faust, Izabel Seyfried, Niklas Fleischer, Nora Kessler, Fredrik Gustavson and Seraphina Bragado are EVERYTHING. I didn’t include the cover of the 8th book because it wasn’t released yet and we are all waiting for years.


Lord of London Town by Tillie Cole

Solid mafia crew, dark themed book, epic plot twist? It’s all here in this book. A nerd looking mafia guy? HOT AND BADASS! The heroine isn’t a damsel in distress. The side characters are all complex and I can’t wait to continue the series. They owned my soul.

This is only the first part. I have more to come. What are your favorite dark romance books/series? What are your limits or red flags whenever reading dark romance series? 


9 thoughts on “Dark Romances That F*cked Up My Soul

  1. I love this post! Ari is so good at coming up with stuff like this, but your writing added so much to it. I binged both The Mindf*ck and In the Company of Killers series because Ari told me to and I regret nothing. I’ve also read Marrow and all of Fisher’s books. I think her self published are better than her traditional, but I did really love the latest one. The Wives wasn’t my fave of hers, but still good. And that AR Torre book! I also read the first and need to go back to the series. I need to write the rest of these down and come back when I’m ready for some darkness. Is there one out of the rest I haven’t read that you would say to start with?

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    1. Thank you Deanna! Ari is a genius when it comes to this and since we shared similar taste in dark romances, I think you can try either Debt by Nina G. Jones or Raw by Belle Aurora. These two have similar plot lines but still feels different. Debt is more underrated imho. Black Lotus have crazy cliffhangers idk if you will like the finale though.

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  2. I read Raw… I liked it at first and then Lexi was making all of these dumb decisions that made me mad! I wasn’t going to keep going because I was irritated, but then THAT ENDING happened! Ari told me I could skip book 2, so I’m about 70% into Raw Rebirth. I’m actually loving this one.

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