Dark Romances That F*cked Up My Soul

Before I jumped into my post, I want to shoutout my good buddy Ari for pitching this idea (I swear she has more creative mojo than I do. I’m a lazy ass) and we both have similar taste in dark romance novels. Just a reminder to everyone who’s reading this post, all of these books are DARK ROMANCES/ ROMANCE THRILLERS. There are a lot of trigger warnings here such as abuse, kidnapping, sexual harassment/assault, drugs, violence, gore etc. (and other shits I don’t even want to mention). I just want to put it here because I don’t have any intention to hurt anyone or make you uncomfortable.

Self-awareness is a MUST prior reading these kinds of books. Enter at your own risk and all of these are fiction novels. I do not condone any of the things happened here and my morals are completely intact. Without further ado, here are the books / series that screwed my soul. Lmao.

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July Wrapup | Romance, Mystery/Thrillers & Other Books That Stressed Me Out

Hello everyone! It’s already August and I just finished finalizing all the books I’ve read for the readathons I participated such as Mood Reader Bingo hosted by Yna @ The Mood Reader  and Tarot Readathon hosted by Daijah @ Daijah’s Book World, Britany @ Literaly Smitten, Jess @ Books Past Bedtime and Noelle @ Noelle 7 Pages. These two readathons are successful to me because the prompts here encourage me to read variety of books. 

I have read a total of 21 books and majority of them are adult books. I am also proud that I’ve been listening to audiobooks lately and discovered great voice actors. 

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