Book Review | Mercenary by Bella Di Corte

55887633._SY475_Pages: 396

My Rating: ★★★.5

Genre:  Adult, Romantic Suspense, Mafia Romance

Publication Date: November 13th 2020

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services


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I had something to live for.

The moment I saw him, I knew.

His eyes would hypnotize.
His lips would speak the most beautiful promises.
His body? Made for pleasure.

But if Corrado Capitani thought that he could fool me into thinking he was a good man, he was wrong.

The moment I saw him, I knew the truth.

Those eyes hid his poisonous heart.
Those lips were vessels of deception.
That body? Made for inflicting pain.

He wasn’t sent from heaven. He was sent to drag me back to hell.

I had something to die for.

Alcina Parisi had a price on her head, and she’d eluded the best. She thought no one would ever find her, but I did. Everyone in our world called me Scorpio—the man who never let the enemy go. But she was a weapon, not an adversary, and I’d claimed her as mine.

My Review:

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Mercenary is the finale for the Gangsters of New York trilogy. I am not sure at first who these characters are and what are their connection to the previous two books. It was latter revealed in the story which I find clever.

Corrado Capitani and Alcina Parisi are great characters. Their relationship is an insta-love — which is a trope I am not a fan of — but they had time to know each other’s imperfection. The romance in this book is intense and hot. However, it simmered down on the last 40% mark of the book. Honestly, it dragged on and I forced myself to finish it.

Fairly, we got a closure and I’m entertained on the confrontation between the mafia men and their wives. That is so popcorn-worthy. I just wish there are less characters here because it’s hard to keep track on them and connect the dots.

Gonna trust my instinct and rate it 3.5 🌟 I still recommend the series because it’s so good.


2 thoughts on “Book Review | Mercenary by Bella Di Corte

  1. It’s so sad when books lose their spark in the end. Makes me wonder if this one should have wrapped up quicker. I do like how you said the relation to previous books didn’t come right away and was a surprise. That is fun. Great review!

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