Romance Authors Whose Books I Haven’t Read Yet

I’ve been wanting to do this list for such a longtime and as years went by, I discovered a lot of romance authors through my friends and bloggers. Some of them have been recommended to me and I haven’t read their books. Most of them are long overdue and crossing my fingers I get to read them ASAP. 

I’m going to name top 10 romance authors (not in any particular order) on my list that has been on my radar for quite a while.

Renee Carlino

  • She’s one of the popular authors I heard when I started exploring New Adult novels. Her books such as Sweet Thing, Nowhere But Here and Before We Were Strangers are currently on my kindle for AGES and waiting to be read.  

Georgia Cates 

  • I heard nothing but great things about her erotica series — Beauty from Pain and I remember my book girlfriend Camille mentioned this to me as we’re discussing good written erotica novels (back when Fifty Shades of Grey is hyped).

Alyssa Cole 

  • I bet you’re screaming at me for not reading Alyssa Cole’s books yet. I’ve first seen her books thru Netgalley (An Extraordinary Union and A Hope Divided) back in 2017 and she’s well known for writing diverse romances. Please help me out which book should I pick first. 🙂

Alisha Rai 

  • More loud screaming! Yes, I haven’t pick any of her books but I have her Forbidden Hearts series on my kindle for ages. Her books were recommended to me a lot of times and hopefully next year I’ll get to binge read her books. 

Jay Crownover

  • Her books sparked popularity when New Adult books are evolving and Marked Men series are on my radar since. Due to mixed reviews, I postponed it. Hopefully I’ll enjoy it because my good friend, Ari enjoyed the series (her books in general). 

Jessica Sorensen

  • The Coincidence series is one of the most emotional series out there. It has the same vibe as the Ten Tiny Breaths series by K.A. Tucker just reading its synopsis and for some reason, I haven’t find the right time to read the series. When I’m emotionally ready, I’ll dive right in with a glass of wine on the side. 

Tessa Dare 

  • Historical romance is a subgenre that I haven’t explored yet. I’m still open with my options which authors whose books I shall pick first and Tessa Dare came first in mind. I remember she had a book signing event here in the Philippines back in 2015 (which I missed because I’m new to romance and I’m engrossed to YA books) and I’m hunting her books in secondhand bookstores and it’s a challenge since they’re very limited.  I only have Romancing the Duke and The Governess Game on my shelf. 

Julia Quinn 

  • Julia Quinn is also a historical romance author on my radar because her Bridgertons series is recommended to me by Kat of Reading After Ten and they’re adapted into a TV series. It’s a good time to catch up to all of them.  

Tiffany Reisz

  • She’s famous for The Original Sinners series, which has been recommended to me by my book girlfriends. I started The Bourbon Thief months ago but my attempt is unsuccessful. I think I need to try again. 

Lisa Kleypas

  • Since I want to explore Historical romance, Ms. Kleypas is also part of my line up because Nick of The Infinite Limits of Love rave her books. I’m in search at our local secondhand bookstore for her books so I can begin. 

There are more authors on my long list and some of my honorable mentions are: Penny Reid, L.H. Cosway,  Meghan Quinn,  Jewel E. Ann, Christina C. Jones, Leylah Attar, M. Robinson, Stylo Fantome, Nalini Signh and Fiona Cole. 

Who are the romance authors whose books you haven’t read yet? Have you read any books from the authors I’ve listed? I’d love to hear your thoughts and recommendations! ❤



9 thoughts on “Romance Authors Whose Books I Haven’t Read Yet

  1. I actually haven’t read several of these either. I’ve only read one Georgia Cates book, but I remember liking it. Jay Crownover is hit or miss for me, but I would recommend her Marked Men and Saints of Denver series. I read Lisa Kleypas, but not her historical romances. You could knock Penny Reid and LH Cosway off together by reading their collaboration. 😉 Although I liked both of their separate stuff. And Meghan Quinn is one of my auto-buy authors. I would read anything she writes now.

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