The Nope Trope Book Tag

Hello guys! Work was exhausting that I neglected my books, my blog and  it also affected my health. Taking a leave of absence gets me back on track and did a lot of self-care routines. Before I go back to reality, I’ll do the Nope Trope book tag and thank you so much Salve of Cuckoo for Books for tagging me!

Here are the questions:

Eavesdropping w/ miscommunication – Name a book you heard great things about and expected to love but ended up hating.

Honestly, I’m so hyped with You Deserve Each Other by Sarah Hogle because it’s an enemies to lovers romance. However, the characters ruined my reading experience. Here’s my full review of the book.

Love Triangles – Name a series where you can’t pick your favourite book.

For the love of God, don’t torture me by choosing one favorite book on In the Company of Killers series by J.A. Redmerski. All the books are equally badass. 

Not Like Other Girls/Didn’t Know I’m Beautiful – Name a book that has a pretty cover but was boring as all hell.

There you have it. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is boring af and the story is whack.

All-Consuming Love – Name a book that gave you a book hangover

This is a recent read. OMG. I’ve waited for four damn years for this book. It’s Jack Devlin and Emery Saunders’ story and I’m so in love with them. I recommend it even if it has one trope I dislike. The Truest Thing made me swoon and there’s so much passion to it.

Douchebag Boyfriend – Name a book that took you a while to get into, but you ended up loving.

I’m not into sci-fi books but I’ll make an exception to The Martian. It was fun listening to Mark Watney’s voice (R.C. Bray fantastically narrated it) and with all the science stuff I learned in high school (yes to Botany / Biology and not so much for Chemistry and Physics) I love the thrill.

Tell us your favourite or least favourite trope!

My favorite trope is mafia romance. I’m such a fan of it even it’s dark romance. I just can’t say no to it unless it’s annoying as hell or it lacks a build up. 

I am tagging these awesome people:

If you haven’t read this tag, consider yourself tagged! Thank you so much everyone ❤

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