The Book Snob Tag

I wasn’t tagged by anyone to do this but I watched Steph @ Stephs Romance Book Talk did it and I love her answers for each questions. The original creator of this tag is Tia @ tia and all the books . Make sure to check out their videos and subscribe to their channels.

I am tagging these amazing bloggers to do the tag:

Let’s proceed with the tag!

1. Adaptation Snob: Do you always read the book before you see the movie?

  • As much as possible, I want to read the book before seeing the movie. However, there are cases I watch the movie because I’m not interested to read the book or I didn’t finished the book. Example, I’ve watched After by Anna Todd but I DNF that book.

2. Format Snob: You can only choose 1 format in which to read books for the rest of your life. Which one do you choose: physical books, ebooks, or audiobooks?

  • E-books. I love my physical books but e-books are helpful for a nocturnal reader like me and some books aren’t available in the Philippines (mostly romance books)

3. Ship Snob: Would you date or marry a non-reader?

  • Why not? Maybe I can influence him to be a reader.

4. Genre Snob: You have to ditch one genre – never to be read again for the rest of your life. Which one do you ditch?

  • Biographies / Memoir. Not my cup of tea and there are people whose lives I’m not interested to know.

5. Uber Genre Snob: You can only choose to read from one genre for the rest of your life. Which genre do you choose?

  • ROMANCE. You can never go wrong on romance books. I am a sucker for books that will keep you on your toes and swoon over it.

6. Community Snob: Which genre do you think receives the most snobbery from the bookish community?

  • Sadly the genre I love the most…ROMANCE. Some people act like elitists and belittle romance readers. They say it has lack of substance, it’s just full of sex zero stories blah blah blah. All these misconceptions annoyed the shit out of me. Then there are people who used to rant about it shifted to romance and acted like gurus. I see some of them but I’d shut up now.

7. Snobbery Recipient: Have you ever been snubbed for something that you have been reading or for reading in general?

  • Yes. I’ve been snubbed for reading Young Adult books because I’m too old for it, then I’ve been snubbed for reading Romance books because the genre is weak and all that shit. I’m done with these people and all I want is to enjoy what I’m reading.


6 thoughts on “The Book Snob Tag

  1. So many people shun the romance genre thinking that their choice of books are more “intellectual”. Books should make you more empathetic right???? How come these people didn’t get the memo hhnnggrr alongside this, those who even judge romance books are the ones who HAVEN’T read any romance at all. Hayst ahahhahahah anyway lovely post Bea! (Also take care and keep safe there in the hospital :>)

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