What I’ve Been Reading- 6/3/2019 | #Smutathon officially begins!

What’s up lovelies?

I didn’t read any book for the last two weeks of May because I’m saving it all up for June. I am so pumped this month because there’ll be two romance readathons and the first one I’m participating is #Smutathon Round 3!  I posted my #Smutathon TBR and good thing I have backup books for each category. As of the moment, I’m leaning towards enemies – to – lovers and finish a book within the day. I’ll line up the books I’m reading next per category.


  1. Enemies to Lovers – Dirty Headlines by L.J Shen | I am so in the mood for an asshole hero LMAO. I started this a while ago, I’m hooked and my hairline isn’t receding yet. Celian Laurent and Jude Humphry’s chemistry is in flames.
  2. Finish a book in one day – Best I’ve Ever Had by Abbi Glines | This one is a short read and I’m sure I can finish this within hours because it’s Abbi Glines. Her books are my go-to if I need a quick read but I admit her previous books flopped. I’m hoping this is a good one because it’s Eli Hardy’s story.
  3. Fake Dating – The Bride Test by Helen Hoang | A last minute change for me. I recently acquired this book and purposely saving it up for this readathon. This is a marriage of convenience romance and I’m dying to read this since 2019 began!
  4. Second Chance Romance – Things We Never Said by Samantha Young | Here’s to another most anticipated books of 2019. Any book by Samantha Young is an automatic read for me. Crossing my fingers Dahlia’s story will be great.

These are the books I’m reading so far. Hopefully I can knock at least 5-6 categories for #Smutathon even if I’m busy. What are the books you’re currently reading? I’d love to know in the comments. 🙂 Happy reading!


2 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Reading- 6/3/2019 | #Smutathon officially begins!

  1. Good luck, Bea! It sounds like a fun readathon. I would totally join if it weren’t finals week for me. 😦
    I’m excited for you to read The Bride Test. And ahhh! I forgot that Things We Never Said was out already too! I need to read it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nick! Thank you so much and I am wishing you good luck on the finals week. I’m sure you will nail all your exams. I am dying to read The Bride Test and Things We Never Said. ❤

      I accidentally deleted your comment because my internet lagging af. 😦 I sincerely apologize. Thank goodness I restored it. 😀


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