Top 5 Wednesday: Nostalgic Ships

This weekly meme is created by Lainey of Ginger Reads Lainey and with its new host, Sam of Thoughts on Tomes . You can check out the weekly topics on the Top 5 Wednesday – Goodreads Page. For this list, I’d like to share to you my nostalgic ships. Here are the book couples I ship during my teenage years:

  • Adrian Ivashkov & Sydney Sage (Bloodlines by Richelle Mead) – I’m sorry Dmitri and Rose, I ship Sydrian more. I have heart eyes for Adrian Ivashkov and I’m glad he found the love of his life, Sydney.
  • Lola Nolan and Cricket Bell (Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins) – Most people I knew ship Anna and Etienne but I’m rooting for the underdog couple Lola and Cricket. They’re so cute together and both of them have great character developments.
  • Prince Maxon Schreave and America Singer (The Selection by Kiera Cass) – No matter how predictable this series is, the romance between them is lovely I swoon. I don’t mind rereading the first three books. (The 5th book is cancelled to me! haha)
  • Beatrice Prior and Four / Tobias Eaton (Divergent by Veronica Roth) – I love them until Allegiant happened. *cries in the corner*
  • Patch Cipriano and Nora Grey (Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick) – When paranormal romance is still popular, this series is one of my jams. The angsty romance between Nora and Patch. Oooh la la. So sexy. ❤

Those are my top nostalgic ships. Who are your favorite nostalgic ships? Feel free to share in the comments!




10 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Nostalgic Ships

  1. Four/Tris is still my favorite ship to this day – no matter how “outdated” they may be, hahah. They were one of the first relationships that taught me that not everything works, and they’re not always perfect, but the way they worked their issues gave me a loooot of feels. Lola/Cricket is also one of my favorites! I’m planning on re-reading this book as soon as possible, because I haven’t read it in ages. I don’t know if I’ll love them as much now as I did when I first read the book, but I think I will; they weren’t too problematic, and in fact quite of a healthy relationship.
    When I think about nostalgic ships, I instantly think about Percy and Annabeth. I first read PJO in 2011, so it’s been a long time since they’re a part of my life. I still remember reading about their first kiss and literally squeaking – kicking the air and everything, hahah. They were the best!

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  2. AHHH I absolutely adore and miss America and Maxon. They are definitely a very nostalgic ship, and I screech at how you included them here. They were my ultimate OTP back in high school. ❤ (also yes, let's pretend book 5 never happened because that one was a hot mess yIkEs)

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