TV Series Thoughts (SPOILER)| You

You (2018)IMDB Rating: 8.1 / 10

My Rating: 8 / 10

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Casts: Penn Badgley, Elizabeth Lail, Luca Padovan, Zach Cherry, Shay Mitchell

Number of Episodes: 10

Running Time: 41 – 71 min / episode

Developed by: Greg Berlanti & Sera Gamble


A clever bookstore manager relies on his savvy Internet know-how to make the woman of his dreams fall in love with him. (IMDB)

My Thoughts:

I’m pretty excited to watch this TV series because it’s based from the book written by Caroline Kepnes which I unexpectedly enjoyed (Check out my book review here). I am confident that I’ll enjoy this series though I knew what’s going to happen towards the end.

After binge watching, I can say it’s a great TV series and it’s loyal to the book except they added more twist to the ending. I’ll talk about the changes they made from the book later on this review.

Penn Badgley nailed his role as Joe Goldberg. He’s exactly how I pictured Joe in the book. He’s got the looks and his attitude….damn perfectly captured. However, he’s a lesser psychotic version of Joe. The book version Joe is more psychotic especially when you listened to the audiobook, Santino Fontana’s voice did the justice.

The supporting characters have more spotlight than in the book. Beck’s BFFs (Peach, Blythe and Lynn), Ethan and Paco were given a chance to shine. I appreciate the parts we get to know more their characters. The only innocent there are Paco and Ethan. Hahaha! Is it just me I find Ethan and Blythe are cute? As for Beck.. I didn’t recognize Elizabeth Lail. She played Princess Anna in Once Upon a Time. By the way, she’s great as Guinevere Beck and she looks like Amber Heard.

Let’s move on to the changes I’ve noticed from the book. I’ve listened to it years ago and recall most of the differences (not all, but still). Warning: this section contains spoilers. If you haven’t watched the tv series / read the book, please don’t read this. 




I’ve warned YOU.

Here it goes: SPOILER ALERT!!

  1. Paco and his family and Raj never existed in the book. It’s refreshing they’re additional characters and part of Joe’s journey especially Paco. The innocent little boy who’s neglected by his mother and her abusive partner who’s a patrol officer. Raj is the guy whom Peach had sex with after she made a move on Beck.
  2. In the book, Peach is supposed to die after Joe hit her head with a rock and filled her pockets with rocks. Instead she survived the attack then she and Joe had a confrontation in which Peach died from a gunshot. Same outcome, Joe made it look like a suicide.
  3. As far as I can remember, Guinevere Beck NEVER had a book deal nor Peach introduced her with a publisher.
  4. Beck was oblivious to all Joe’s stalking. I’m surprised she saw him during the Charles Dickens’ festival and actually introduced him to her family. Also, that festival happened on the boat.
  5. Mr. Mooney is present in the book. I remember Joe asked if he can borrow his car and he gave his permission.
  6. Beck’s death is less graphic in the TV series. In the book, she was completely helpless and strangled to death after she and Joe had sex. She managed to escape but she never made it outside the bookstore.
  7. Biggest what the fuck for me when Candace showed up to the bookstore. She already died in the book and it’s supposed to be Amy Adams who walked in the bookstore. Looks like we’re seeing her in season two which supposedly follow Hidden Bodies. I need to re-listen as I barely remember what happened (definitely no Candace on that book).

These are the changes I noticed from the book and TV series. Overall, I enjoyed the TV series adaptation and I’m looking forward for the second season. I hope Caroline Kepnes writes a new installment for the series before season two kicks in.

Have you watch/ read You? What are your thoughts about Joe Goldberg? Do you love or hate him and why? I’d love to hear it and feel free to share them on the comments.



5 thoughts on “TV Series Thoughts (SPOILER)| You

      1. It was okay, it was exciting at first then kinda went down on a few episodes then exciting again when it came close to the ending 😂 i’ll be sure to listen to an audiobook of You someday! Excited to hear how well it was narrated!

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