Swinging at Love by Kendra C. Highley

SaLPages: 240

Goodreads Rating: 4.0 / 5 stars

My Rating:  4 / 5 stars

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Sports Romance

Publication Date: March 13th 2017

Publisher: Entagled Teen


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Outfielder Tristan Murrell has a problem. As the number two slugger for the Suttonville Sentinels, his team is counting on him to make their very first run at the state championship. But he has a secret—his swing has totally deserted him. As in, he can’t hit anything. He needs to fix the issue, and fast, but how?

Ballerina Alyssa Kaplan has a problem, too. The shiny new sports complex in town has left her family’s batting cage business on the verge of going under. Nailing her audition for a prestigious dance company is everything, but there’s no way she’s letting her some shiny big-box company destroy her family’s livelihood.

Tristan needs a miracle. So does Alyssa. And maybe, just maybe, Tristan’s secret weapon might be the girl of his dreams…

Disclaimer: This book contains hot, shirtless baseball players, kisses that bring a ballerina to her knees, and a lot of baseball smack-talk.

My Review:

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Thank you Entangled Teen for providing an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Continuing the Suttonville Sentinels series, Swinging At Loveis a great sequel and it’s about Faith’s friend and ballerina, Alyssa Kaplan and Kyle’s baseball teammate, Tristan Murrell.

Tristan was having a problem on his swings and doesn’t know how to bring his game up in preparation for the state championships. Then he meets Alyssa at Swing Away, who notices his problem on swinging and coaches him to do it properly. Alyssa is a former softball player and ballerina. Her family owned Swing Away, a batting cage business for years. Due to the lack of funds for maintenance and repairs, it’s on the verge to close down but she’s not giving up even if it means giving her dancing camp money just to save their family business.

I’m not really invested with their romance because it’s too abrupt and I wished for more build up between them. Still, they’re both adorable in their own way. The drama in this book slightly made my eyes roll and I think it could be avoidable if only Alyssa turned down Dylan immediately and not give him false assurances. Same goes to Tristan with Lauren, Alyssa’s best friend who has a huge crush on him. Despite of these, this book definitely gave me the sports romance vibe more than the first book. I’m not really a baseball fan but I enjoyed the story as a whole. It’s lighthearted, sweet and fluffy.


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