Chasing Xander by Lexi Lawton

CXLLPages: 341

Goodreads Rating: 3.72 / 5 stars

 My Rating: 2 / 5 stars

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: October 16th 2017

Publisher: Entangled: Embrace


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Kylie Quinn is positive nothing could be more embarrassing on her first day of college than having her unmentionables go sprawling across campus. She was wrong. Very wrong. Having a super-sexy co-ed twirl them around his finger like he’s privy to all of Victoria’s Secrets is so much worse.

Xander Collins has met his match with Kylie—she’s gorgeous, smart, sarcastic as hell, and doesn’t give a damn that he’s loaded. She’s also a virgin. And he doesn’t do virgins. Been there, done that, and he’s still paying for it. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be friends, despite the fact her flirty moves leave him with balls a shade of blue he never knew existed.

Kylie is special, and she deserves more than his typical “one and done” routine. But as his life implodes and his not-so-brilliant plan to take things slow blows up in his face, he’s at risk of losing everything—including Kylie. Now he must decide if everything he’s been fighting so hard for is worth it without her by his side.

My Review:

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Thank you Entangled: Embrace for providing an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

After Trusting Tanner, I crossed my fingers this one will be better and unfortunately, it’s another let down. Chasing Xander is about Junior college student Xander Collins (Ryder & Tanner’s youngest brother) and Freshman college student, Kylie Quinn . These two met in an embarrassing moment when Kylie accidentally dropped a box of her personal belongings as she moved in her new dormitory with her best friend, Celeste and Xander helped picking up her undergarments.

The attraction between began as they spend more time together and exchanged flirtatious banters. However, things are complicated as they’re dealing with personal issues: Kylie having an alcoholic father and her grandmother Nammy Joyce, whom she considered her only family resides at a nursing home. Her father causing a lot of trouble and demanding money is her mental baggage. As for Xander, he failed classes and must repeat in order to graduate. He’s also in trouble of getting kick out of the frat house.

These are the things that made me lower my rating from three stars to two stars:
– The book unnecessarily dragged on. There are scenes that I find less important and I wish it focused more on the conflict.
– Kylie becomes too demanding and pessimistic.She easily gets disappointed when Xavier does not meet her wants. Xander has other priorities that needs to be attended and I don’t like she assumes worst things about him. That’s unfair on his part.
– Xander may be a good guy but I also have issues with him.He’s a coward for not being upfront to Kylie about his issues and I don’t like him leading her on.

Overall, the good thing in this book was everything was resolved in the end. No loopholes or whatsoever. I have no issues with the author’s writing style. I thought it’s good and easy to get into. I’m just not sure if I’ll still read Ryder’s story. I guess this series isn’t for me.


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