Legend by Katy Evans

LegendPages: 272

Goodreads Rating: 4.4 / 5 stars

My Rating: 5 / 5 stars

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance

Publication Date: February 9th 2016

Publisher: Gallery Books


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Maverick “the Avenger” Cage wants to rise to the top and become a legend in the ring. Though he keeps his identity well guarded, he’s known on the fighting circuit as the new kid with a chip on his shoulder and a tattoo on his back that marks him as trouble. He’s got a personal score to settle with the Underground’s one and only Remington “Riptide” Tate.

As Mav trains, he meets a young girl—the only other new person in the town–and sparks fly. When things get heated between them, he finds out she’s none other than Reese Dumas, the cousin of Remington Tate’s wife. A girl who’s supposed to root against him and a girl he’s supposed to stay away from.

But Maverick fights for the woman in his heart, and the monsters in his blood. The world’s eyes are on them and the victor will go down in history as the ultimate fighting champion; the ultimate LEGEND.

My Review:

Review also posted on Goodreads

Among the books in Real series, Legend is by far the best one. Originally, this is a finale to this series but not anymore since Racer is going to be released this month. However, you may still consider Legend as a concluding novel because it’s an end of an era because the seventh book features new generation of characters.

The story centers on Brooke’s cousin, Reese Dumas and rookie Underground fighter, Maverick “the Avenger” Cage. Reese spends her summer with Brooke and her family (the Tates) to practice a healthier lifestyle. She’s timid, genuine and naturally beautiful but she has insecurities. While figuring out what she wants to be, she babysits Racer (Brooke and Remy’s son). Maverick is an aspiring fighter who wants to make a name at Underground. He trains hard to maintain his body in great condition and he’s in search for a coach.

Our protagonists met at the gym when Brooke pretends she’s with Maverick so he can continue training. He’s a brooding guy and seems unapproachable but she can’t help being fascinated by him. Maverick was enticed with her personality and beauty. Their chemistry continues to build as they get to know each other. I love the slow burn romance between them and it’s also somewhat forbidden because Reese is related to his future opponent’s wife. He thought it will be complicated since she’s part of Remington Tate’s camp.

These characters are my favorite. Both are genuine, motivated and passionate in what they do. They fight their own battles with optimism and confidence. Their downfalls drives them to rise and never give up until they conquer it. It’s admirable and inspiring. Their story have so much depth in it and I love every single chapter. I swoon on all Reese and Maverick’s sweet moments!

The best scene in this book was the match between Remy and Maverick. You’ve got to respect these two men for bringing out the best with each other and pushing themselves beyond limits. Of course there can only be one winner but both competitors deserved recognition. Remy as always the dominated the ring and as the reigning champion with an undefeated streak, he’s up for a challenge. Maverick proven that underdogs must not be underestimated. He’s genetically born fighter and has a lot of potential. Unlike his father, he does it the right way. He started from the bottom and soars to the top with clean fights. It’s not a surprise he earned a lot of respect from the fans and Remy. Athletes aren’t going to play forever, there will be a time they’ll step down for various or personal reasons. Once they leave a great mark or contribution in the industry, they’ll be forever remembered in the future generation as hall of famers or legends.

Overall, I truly love this book. Maverick and Reese are my favorite characters/couple. Katy Evans, as always swoon me with her romance novels.


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