Blow by Heidi McLaughlin

blowPages: 224

Goodreads Rating: 3.71 / 5 stars

My Rating: 2 / 5 stars

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: November 8, 2016

Publisher: Loveswept

Summary (Goodreads):

Meet the complicated men behind the sexiest boy band in America! In Blow, the start of an emotionally charged series from bestselling author Heidi McLaughlin, an insatiable heartthrob gets blinded by the spotlight—and learns to fight for love.

Bodhi McKnight has always had everything handed to him on a silver platter: fame, success, money, girls. The raven-haired, blue-eyed hottie is the son of Hollywood A-listers, and when he’s asked to join the boy band Virtuous Paradox, his star shoots even higher. But so do expectations, leading Bodhi down a destructive path of addiction—until a drop-dead gorgeous guardian angel shows him her sizzling brand of tough love.

When Bodhi ends up in rehab, he doesn’t expect to meet someone as cool and down-to-earth as Kimberly Gordon. Although he’s enjoyed the company of beautiful, charming women before, none of them have tried to get to know the “real” Bodhi. But Kimberly isn’t fazed by his stardom. She’d rather go horseback riding, teach Bodhi to play guitar, or ask him about his feelings. Soon Bodhi realizes he’s fallen head over heels for her. He just hopes that he’s strong enough to protect what they have from all the pressures and temptations of the outside world.

My Review:

Review also posted on Goodreads

Thank you LoveSwept for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Bodhi McKnight is one of the members of a famous boyband named Virtuous Paradox. He has everything in his life: Fame, money, house, cars, women etc.. However, not having a good family relationship because his parents aren’t affectionate and he’s longing for their love for years. That depressed him and he starts using drugs to forget his stresses in life. Without knowing, it’s destroying his life and career.  When his father knew his addiction, he puts him on rehabilitation. Refuse to complete his treatment, he’ll lose everything.

On the rehab facility, he meets Kimberly Gordon as his carer. She’s the daughter of his father’s family friend and they will help Bodhi to be better. Things got steamy between this two despite it’s forbidden for a patient to have a relationship with his carer. Being with her, he feels better but how long does it take for him not to be tempted on using drugs?

I like it’s told in dual perspective and the writing style of this book is good but the story gave me mixed feelings. I’m okay with the forbidden romance but I’m not invested with the insta-love and I don’t like these characters blurred the lines too fast. So much raging hormones for these two. Also, I didn’t like that the addiction and recovery wasn’t emphasize and was taken over by romance. The process of recovery takes time and addiction doesn’t disappear with a snap. I’m underwhelmed by this book as these characters have an unhealthy relationship and lack of development.


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