Racing To You by Lacey Lovett

RTY.jpgPages: 210

Goodreads Rating:  4.31/5 stars

My Rating: 3 / 5 stars

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance

Publication Date: July 5, 2016

Publisher: Samhain Publishing Ltd.

Summary (Goodreads):

Love—the one roadblock they never expected.

Aurelia is living her dream, teaching for a year in the south of France. Except it’s all going wrong. The carefree culture is challenging her academic goals, and her students are so difficult that she wants the unthinkable: to give up and go home.

Meeting Terrence doesn’t help. When he’s not training for the Tour de France, the cocky pro cyclist is flirting with Aurelia, but she didn’t cross an ocean to hook up with an American jock, even if he does have killer dimples and looks hot in spandex.

Until the jock sets out to prove he’s more than mere muscle. He wants to teach her what having fun really means, which could be as dangerous to her structured life as it is to her heart.

As life hits unexpected roadblocks, they turn to one another for support, and flirtation becomes game-changing love. But Terrence is chasing his dream of being the fastest man on two wheels, and she isn’t sure how far he’ll go to win…or how far she’s willing to follow.

Warnings: Includes a hopelessly romantic hero, a guilt-free sex proposition, a lot of orgasms and, of course, croissants

My Review:

Review also posted on Goodreads

I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I like this book because the writing style is good and encountering a story with a cyclist as a main character is quite rare in sports romance novels (for me). Plus, it’s set in France (great descriptions on the places.) It’s a guilty pleasure read but I have a love and hate relationship on the main characters. Aurelia has a potential to be a good female (she’s a Filipina by the way) lead but most parts, she quite annoyed me. It’s sort of my pet peeve when a character denies being attracted to someone but his/her body language says different? Her character development is okay.

Terrence has the charisma. He’s charming and a great motivator to Aurelia of doing things what she wants. However, there are moments he puts too much pressure and I find it stressful for Aurelia. I think it’s better that he adjusts as well according to Aurelia’s comfort zone and slowly make improvements when she’s ready to match him. Still, he is a good guy determined to do anything for her.

Overall, this is a good debut novel.



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