The Author Scenario Tag

I was just lurking on YouTube when I stumbled on Momo of The Booktube Girl‘s video about this tag, which I really enjoyed. This tag is originally created by Kaysia of Bookskay (click the links to check out their videos). I wasn’t tag by anyone to do this but it’s fun.

The Questions

Re-Read Author: Which author do you go to when you feel like re-reading a book?

  • Wendelin Van Draanen. She is the author of Flipped, which is one of my favorite YA Contemporary novels of all time. I reread this book when I have a reading slump and it brightens my day. (I actually have two answers for this but I’m saving my answer for the other question)

Midnight Releases: Which author do you make sure you get every new releases from immediately?

  • Kasie West. Her contemporary romance novels are my auto-buy books. I always look forward on her upcoming novels, like P.S. I Like You (to be released on July 2016). I absolutely love her writing style and her books never fails to give me butterflies on my tummy.

From the Beginning: Which author have you been there since their first release and are planning to stick around for many releases to come?

  • Colleen Hoover. I’ve read her debut novel Slammed (published January 2012) around October 2012. She’s still an Indie Author during that time and I fell in love with her books since. I always get excited on her new books and surely don’t want to miss it.

Second Chances: Which author did you not like the first book you read from them but are prepared to give another book  by them a chance?

  • Aly Martinez. I’ve read Changing Course and I like it but I wasn’t that invested with the story. I would love to give her other books a chance if ever.

Don’t Stop: Which author who has stopped writing do you want to come out with more books?

  • Erin Morgenstern. I’ve read The Night Circus last year which I really LOVE and one of my favorite books of 2015. I hope she’ll write more books with magic in it.

Why’d Wait: Which author do you wish you began reading from sooner?

  • K.A. Tucker. A New Adult author I wish I’ve read her books earlier than ever. The first book I’ve read from her was Burying Water and I really like it. It was a heavy, emotional read. It gave me the FEELS. I will surely dive into Ten Tiny Breaths series, hopefully this year.

Bonus Question:

Little Bibliophile: Which author was your favorite as a young reader?

  • J.K. Rowling. The author of the Harry Potter series and she’s also my reread author 🙂

I will be tagging:

If you want to do this tag, I’m tagging YOU 😀 ❤



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