10 Thank You’s For This Day

January 21st 2016 – I think I have the right to sing “22” by Taylor Swift, even if I’m off the key. Still, it was a fun day for me to celebrate my 22nd Birthday. So, I would like to share the 10 Things I Am Thankful For. It may be bookish related or something more personal. Without further ado, here are my 10s:

  1. God. I’m thankful for all the blessings that he gave me. He guides me to lead me on the right path and enlightens me whenever I’m lost.
  2. My Mama. You are the best mother in the world and I’m lucky to have you as my mom. Thank you for being my coffee buddy and for introducing Archie Comics to me when I was a kid. Thank you for teaching me with everything and I can’t enumerate them all because it’s a LOT. Thank you for comforting me whenever I’m stressed with school and duties. Haha! I love you, Ma! :*
  3. My Papa. Thank you for spoiling me with food. Especially cooking my favorite. Like: ‘Chicken Feet Adobo’. Thank you for introducing me to books that aren’t my cup of tea. You are the reason why I read in random genres and also taught me how to book hunt on BookSale. That really saved me a lot of budget. Thank you for making me laugh whenever I’m mad. I love you, Pa! :*
  4. For me having a good health and to all the people I knew.
  5. Thankful for my Family for being supportive and respecting me on what I do.
  6. To my elementary classmates. For still keeping in touch with me though I haven’t you guys for years. Magpakita kayo!! haha!  It’s nice to bring back old hilarious memories. Thank you for the quick mini reunion. Hi Jhanyn and Lourdes! I miss you guys!
  7. My High school classmates. Marnelly (Drebels – the no. 1 J.Law fan and Katniss Evahdin LOL. The wacky selfies exposer and bus buddy), Fhernandine (Hi Twin Twin!), Hanesel (Hi Swing!), Denise, Sean, Nerissa Mae, Clarkie, Rhian, Sharmaine, Sunshine,   Maylene The IV-St. Francis boys etc.. Thank you for making me comfortable whenever I feel awkward. I miss you all!
  8.  My fellow College buddies. CEU Makati – BSN Batch 2014. My bebe cakes: Angelique (my book buddy. who loves Nicholas Sparks and Mitch Albom), Fatitets (my fellow PSG for Angelique and Gigi. haha! ) and Gigibels (who is my total opposite because she hates rice. I love rice and I get exta cups. She hates books by the way and I’m making fun of her to accompany me on Powerbooks. I swear, she gets dizzy with book titles.)
  9.  Book Girlfriends PH. The NA/Adult romance lovers and sometimes YA. The ladies I met on Goodreads and met them as well in real life. Camille, Rhyzza, Jane, Kath, Allen, Fau, Nickle, Asser, Guia, Ate Lindsay, Ate Jobelle, Ate Glai, Ate Grace, Ate Elaine, Ate Ana and many more.  🙂 See you soon ladies and I miss you all!
  10. The Bookish Community, Bloggers, Bookstagrammers, Goodreads Reviewers.  You guys are all awesome. I may not have met some of you personally and mostly talk online. All those conversations and buddy reads are so fun! Thank you for sharing your love for books and fangirling our mutual favorite books. There are so many of you guys! I want to fit you all here!

          P.S. Thank you sis Pearl (all time buddy read! ) for these birthday gifts/ beautiful books! Thank you for the letter as well. 🙂 I really love it and I’m surprised with these. I really appreciate it 🙂 Thank you again!  Let’s buddy read The Moment of Letting Go soon 😉

P.P.S. Thank you to Ate Rachel and AJ the Ravenous Reader (click to read their fabulous reviews) who buddy read one of my favorite New Adult novels, Butterfly Dreams by A. Meredith Walters as a birthday greeting/surprise. 🙂

Thank you for all the warm, birthday greetings! I really appreciate it. You guys made my day! 🙂 Hugs & Kisses to you all xoxo



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