That’s What HE Said Thursday (#1) : 11-5-2015

That's whatThat’s what He said Thursday is hosted by . In this meme, we get to post a favorite line from our favorite book boyfriends to their heroine. This is more of a dialogue kind of post and it’s not a physical description of the hero but a line spoken to their heroines. (for more information click here )

aflame“You want to play?” he charged, biting out every word so only I could hear.

“Challenge accepted, Tatum. This time I don’t want you hurt.” he continued, his breath falling over me as he got in my face.

“..and I don’t want you small. I just want you. Do you hear me?” He jerked me into his body.

“It will be my ring on your finger and my kids in your belly someday.”

  • Jared Trent to Tatum Brandt  ||  Aflame by Penelope Douglas



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