How I Read Book Tag

I’m tagged by the lovely Yvonne of A World Between Folded Pages to do the How I Read Book Tag. Thank you for tagging me, Yvonne! Definitely go check out her blog. She’s awesome and I love her posts! 🙂

How do you find about new books to read?
  • Usually, I browse on Goodreads. It’s such a good website to discover new books to read. I also discovered new books to read from my bookish friends.
How did you get into reading?
  • I love books since I was a kid. It all started with story books, and trivial books like World Almanac and Circling the Globe. I guess my reading habit seemed to be more interesting during 6th grade when I used to collect True Philippine Ghost Stories. It’s an anthology wherein people share stories about their supernatural encounters or experiences. It’s a bunch of short stories that I enjoyed.
  • As for novels, Harry Potter series and Twilight Saga  really got me into reading. That was during my High School years. Then, I started to explore more and here I am. I still love books.
How has your tastes in books changed as you got older?
  • Usually, I always settle on Young Adult books. It can be Paranormal, Contemporary Romance, Dystopia, or Fantasy. As I grow older, I started exploring New Adult and Adult Romance novels even the genres I’m not really into like Mystery Thrillers.
How often do you buy books?
  • It depends. Whenever I find a good title on a bargain bookstore, I tend to buy it. Sometimes, when I’m stressed I buy one book or when I achieved something, I reward myself with one book. Yep. It just go random.
How did you get into reviewing books?
  • It started with Goodreads. I’ve been reviewing books for 4 years though it’s more of a short / brief kind of review. I just pour out my thoughts on the books I’ve read and yeah it’s good. I started blogging around two years ago just to explore and it’s fun.
How do you react when you don’t like the end of a book?
  • Frustrated.  I tend to rant if I don’t like the ending. I let it all out on my review but I have to be careful on choosing words so not to offend anyone. I have to be honest to what I feel even if the book has a lot positive reviews.
How often do you take a sneak peek at the ending to see if there is a happy ending?
  •  NEVER. Seriously, I never spoil myself in the end. I just go with the flow and prepare to be surprised. Whatever happens.. happens. Just in case it’s not a happy ending, I have some tissues beside me.

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9 thoughts on “How I Read Book Tag

  1. You’re so good on not taking a sneak peek! I’m really, really bad at that. Sometimes I just have to know so I’m aware not to get attached to certain characters… at the same time, I’d get angry at myself for spoiling the story because the emotional fallout is definitely not the same if you’re prepared for what happens.

    Thanks a lot for the tag, Bea! Really appreciate it. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi there! I randomly stumbled across your blog – it looks great! 😀
    This is such a fun tag, I would have answered almost all the questions the same as you!

    Liked by 1 person

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